Modern Heirlooms


Coming from a long line of strong women, Charlotte launched her brand Ivy Nixon Jewellery in 2009. Named after her great-grandmother, her goal was to combine heritage design with modern aesthetics, using traditional craftsmanship to create modern heirlooms for people who covet quality over quantity.

Ever since being given a book on Egyptology from her great aunt as a child, her love for antiquity was born! Fast forward to 2009, after training as a jeweller and honing her knowledge of antique jewellery, Charlotte set about creating handmade jewellery that would stand the test of time. 

Each piece of jewellery is lovingly handmade from start to finish in our East London Studio. We work closely with local artisans to ensure that every piece is created with the utmost care and quality, supporting the local community whilst creating pieces that are built to last.

We believe that the value of jewellery is not based purely in the materials, but in the care that has gone into making each piece, the history it brings with it, and the story it will tell future generations. 



      A World of Antiquity

We couldn't create a jewellery brand without combining the two things that make us tick; the need to create, and our passion for sourcing the finest antique jewellery.

Each piece of antique jewellery holds the story of those that have gone before us, passed down through the ages they have the ability to become part of our own story, to be enjoyed by future generations. They are part of our history, our heritage. 

Today, Charlotte spends a great deal of time travelling across the UK searching far and wide to find pieces of history to share with you. Whether it's an Art Deco Engagement Ring, or a hand-engraved Victorian Locket, each piece is chosen for it's ability to transcend the ages, and it's unique craftsmanship.