Lapis Lazuli Grace Bracelet - 9ct Gold

Lapis Lazuli Grace Bracelet - 9ct Gold


Handcrafted from the finest 9ct Gold Belcher Chain, our series of Grace Necklaces & Bracelets make the perfect everyday piece. Layer them up with a collection of chains for a beautiful textured look, or wear alone to lend a little pop of colour to your wardrobe.

Lapis is one of the oldest stones in mans history; King Tutankhamun's tomb was decorated in this mystical gemstone. Each faceted Lapis bead in this bracelet is unique, displaying flecks of gold and cream, making each piece completely unique.

Lapis is said to bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical realms, and was cherished by ancient Egyptians who believed it to stimulate powerful insight and deeper imagination. A stone of infinite wisdom, Lapis is associated with the third eye and throat chakras; when worn it is said to promote awareness, insight and truth.

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