Natural Turquoise Grace Necklace - 9ct Gold

Natural Turquoise Grace Necklace - 9ct Gold


Handcrafted from the finest 9ct Gold Belcher Chain, our series of Grace Necklaces & Bracelets make the perfect everyday piece. Layer them up with a collection of chains for a beautiful textured look, or wear alone to lend a little pop of colour to your wardrobe.

Turquoise is perhaps the oldest stone in mans history; the talisman for kings and warriors it is also the birthstone for December. Each faceted turquoise bead in this necklace is unique, displaying flecks of bright aqua blue to earthy green, making each piece completely unique.

Turquoise is said to be a stone of protection and was used in amulets by ancient Egyptians over 8000 years ago, it's also found in the ceremonial masks of the Aztecs. Turquoise is associated with the throat chakra and when worn is said to promote honest and open communication from the heart.

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