The Deco Diamond Buttercup Ring

The Deco Diamond Buttercup Ring

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Channel the understated elegance of the roaring 20's with the effortlessly stylish Deco Buttercup Ring. Expertly crafted from 18ct Gold & Platinum, the central diamond is held in a lavish buttercup setting, which elevates the diamond for maximum sparkle. It's perfect for the modern girl who is as unique as her jewellery.

The diamond itself weighs in at around 0.25ct, with excellent fire and a clean white colour. There are no inclusions visible to the naked eye, although it is possible to see a small carbon mark in the table under a 10x magnification loupe. This really is an elegant piece of jewellery which is a treasure to behold!

  • 18ct Gold & Platinum Setting
  • 0.25ct Diamond (G-H / SI)
  • Setting Width: 6.5mm
  • Band Width: 1.8mm
  • Size: M (UK) 5.5 (US)
  • Resizable


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