Ivy Nixon

Red Coral Grace Bracelet - 9ct Gold


Handcrafted from the finest 9ct Gold Belcher Chain, our series of Grace Necklaces & Bracelets make the perfect everyday piece. Layer them up with a collection of chains for a beautiful textured look, or wear alone to lend a little pop of colour to your wardrobe.

Red Coral has been revered for millennia; it was used by ancient Egyptians as a protective amulet in tombs, to protect the dead against evil spirits in the afterlife. The rounded red coral beads in this bracelet provide the the perfect pop of colour to brighten any outfit!

Red Coral has long been used as a protective talisman. Known as a stone of the sea, it is used for travel protection and is said to ward off nightmares helping to dispel fear and nervousness in waking life.

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Our Story

Founded in 2009, Ivy Nixon Jewellery is the design practice of Charlotte Dey and the namesake of her great-grandmother, a woman who loved to see the beauty in everything. 

Charlotte surrounded herself with art and curious artefacts from a young age, sowing a deep love of elegant, timeless objects. After completing her studies at Nottingham Trent University in Decorative Arts, she began her career in jewellery restoration. Finding and revealing the beauty in these artefacts became an intrinsic part of her artistic process, inspired by ancient cultures and modern aesthetics. You'll see this close attention to detail across Ivy Nixon Jewellery - from stunning vintage keepsakes to irresistible bespoke pieces that bring each individual’s inspirations to life. 

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