Ethics & Sustainability

Just like our jewellery, there's more to how we create than meets the eye. Our education into the environmental effects and understanding of the ethics of jewellery has given us a deep respect for every item we create at every step of its journey to you.

Recycled Materials

We exclusively source reclaimed and recycled metals processed by precious metal refineries, ensuring we take no more from the Earth than we need to. 


Years of independent fascination & creation of jewellery by founder Charlotte Dey have now flourished into a shared creative exploration with our wider network of engravers and lapidary stone setters and cutters.

Handmade with Care

We place a lot of pride and love into the work we produce. For this reason, we only create a limited number of pieces each year, ensuring that the appropriate attention to detail is afforded to each piece - built to last and cherished for generations.


Respect for nature and care for our planet is a hallmark of Ivy Nixon Jewellery. From sourcing materials to packaging and delivery, we take a holistic approach to sustainable design. This involves constantly educating ourselves on how we can improve our processes and removing what is no longer sustainable.

Love that's shared

We're firm believers that it doesn't matter who you are, who you love and how you want to express that love - we're proud supporters of LGBTQI+ and consider equity and equal rights a fundamental standard.